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-Zaheen Bagasrawala



Why hope for when you know you cannot expect,

Why fall in love when you won’t be loved back,

Why pray when you won’t be blessed,

Why work when you won’t succeed,

Why ignite a fire when the dampness of sorrow will extinguish it,

Why look for something which you will never find,

Why climb when all you see is a cliff, why run when you can’t walk,

Why dream when you cannot realise your slightest wish,

Why ask when you will never be answered,

Why befriend when you will always be ignored,

Why push when no one wants to move,

Why change when the rest remain the same,

Why live, when you ultimately die?

Why not?

Going Down to Earth

Timmy tied his laces for the fifteenth time that day. As he bent to do so, sweat dripped all over the dusty ground. His brand new Nike Air hadn’t been up in the air that day. His father was embarrassed.

“Timmy, you disgrace my clan. We, Duplocks are the best fliers of the land.

Duplocks fly over and above the rest. And we have been higher than Everest.

But you failed to even jump high enough. Now you’re going to lie here in the dust.”

Timmy Duplock slumped on the ground. His pudgy legs lay straight but couldn’t meet at the knees. He was sure that he was the worst of all the people he ever knew. He couldn’t jump higher than a foot, even after his father bought him a brand new pair of Nike Air. Sigh.

Now, no one in Timmy’s world walked or ran, or took the bus or travelled on any set of wheels known to man. In Timmy’s world, everyone simply flew. They flew to the grocer, they flew to school. Heck, they even flew to the loo. But poor plump Timmy, just walked on, huffing and puffing, while all his friends whizzed right past him.

Others from Timmy’s world learnt to fly before they learnt to talk. His parents didn’t bother much when he didn’t fly in his first trial at the age of two, when everybody else did too.

“Ho-Hum…” said Timmy’s Dad. “He’s Duplock, he’ll be flying higher than most of these mimes. Just give him some time.”

With that, he ruffled Timmy’s hair and Timmy was glad that he didn’t have to fly that day. Timmy knew, flying was no child’s play.

But, little did Timmy’s dad know, that Timmy had no future in flying. His baby-fat remained on for too long, and it held him on to the earth, while the rest flew high and strong. A week before he turned ten, Timmy’s dad lost his patience. He warned Timmy that if he didn’t become lighter, jump higher and finally take off from the dirt; he would disown him and push him off the edge of their flying world.

“Once you’re off the cliff and flapping your limbs long enough.

The air will itself take you higher and you can join us up in the Duplock lair.

Where I’ll show you to my family and prove that you too, are rough and tough.

But if the air fails to float you back home. Make sure that your lowly self stays away and alone.”

Timmy didn’t want to fall off the edge of the world. He had only once seen it. It was a steep scary cliff, with only clouds to be seen below.

So, to make his father proud. He jumped day and night, in and out. He jumped as tall as he would and as high his legs could. But of no avail were his efforts. As he still lay in the dust. Moistening the ground with tears and sweat. Even though he didn’t want to disappoint his father, in his heart he never wanted to be a part of the others. Flying was not this thing, he knew. But where else to go, he had no clue.

His tenth birthday arrived with a box of Nike Air on his bed, and the fear of falling of the cliff in his head. But we already know that Timmy, after tying and retying his laces, had not taken off the ground. His father was embarrassed, and Timmy couldn’t face the frown.

Off he dragged Timmy to the Edge of the world. He pushed and pulled the reluctant ten-year old child, and stood him an inch before the cliff took a dive.

“You have failed the test and will never be a part of the rest.

I thought you were a Duplock and would be the best.

But I was wrong, you remained simply, a pest!”

With that Timmy’s father pushed him off the cliff. Timmy tore open his eyes and flapped his hands and legs wild. But the air didn’t lift him, and he kept sinking in to the mist.

“If I go down those clouds, I will never return.

But who wants to go back, to a hateful father and a loathing mum.”

So he nosedived into the clouds, and felt the freedom of the air run through his shorts. The clouds enveloped his round body and broke his fall to a glide. He had passed through the clouds and he could now see below him, a land green and wet, and could hear a song and a hymn.

As he touched the ground, he noticed it wasn’t dusty like his world. It was soft and filled with feathery green blades, and above his head, a cool green shade. He giggled. Clearly the people in his world were so busy in the air, that they had forgotten about what really to care. He liked this new place. He walked on further, towards the source of the song.

“Come O little one, you are now a part of Shun.

The world of the flyers disregard us,

But we rather stay with the earth and away from the cuss.

Since we love the land, and the land loves us back.

Flying is not for us, and you too seem to be of the pack.”

Timmy crossed long green ropes and broad green wings that looked like fish. He saw blue liquid he had never seen, flowing on the ground. A drop of the liquid on his tongue, and he knew his new home was Shun.

As our land turns her face towards the sun,
We know we still have a chance, it is not all done.

Bound by hours, minutes and shadows,
Yearned by every soul, yet to fill its bowl.

We all require it, desire it,
But when we fail to harness it,

It is in tomorrow’s face that we see its remains,
Still, Today is the day that we seek to gain.

Don’t fret, my friends, Today is the gift of time,
That incites future change and masks past crimes.

It is the best day of the year
It is all that you need.

It is life, in sustainable bits.
It is God, fathomable to our wits.

As the Sun falls, with each tick on the clock.
Don’t worry, tomorrow will be another today
With new opportunities at its helm, waiting to knock.

Today is the first of the rest of your life,
Today is the best of the year.
Today comes only once, but once again for those who strive.

Use it well. 🙂

-Zaheen Bagasrawala